Puto Bars with Cheese

Hands down, this is the best puto that I made! You see, I love making puto and when I make one, I make it a point to try different recipes available on the net. But I used this recipe again coz I loved the outcome but I don't know what I did this time coz the puto became much softer and fluffier than the previous one. We all loved this that my family requested for me to make it one more time, ASAP!

Anyway the only ingredient that I replaced was the evaporated milk coz I used fresh milk. Besides that, I followed all the ingredients indicated on the recipe, and also I used 9x9 square aluminum pan for this :)

The cheese on top was supposed to be grated, but I had a hard time grating it coz it was so soft that I just decided to puts chunks of cheese on top. I don't mind though coz I love cheese!
a slice of puto bar
puto bars

Basic Butter Cake

Made this easy butter cake early this afternoon and since it's my first time to bake a butter cake, I tried to find a tried and tested but easy recipe that I could make.

Casa Veneracion site is one of those food sites that I frequently visit because her recipes are easy to follow and she's very straight forward on answering queries about her methods and recipes. If you want to also try this recipe you can visit her site here: Butter Cake.

Anyway, eventhough this is a butter cake I did not use a real butter for this :( I only have a Baker's Best Margarine(the package says "The margarine that's ideal for baking!") available and I wanted try to if this would work for baking. Well, say what? I was so surprised that this tasted so good! I love it so much and my family loved it too! I think this would taste better if I used a real butter but this doesn't taste bad either. Before I was so afraid of using margarine what more on using it on a butter cake! Butter cake requires butter, duh? But I want an adventure and I want to take chances so I used a margarine and I did not fail coz I'm not kidding it really was so good :) By the way, I just omitted the salt for this recipe and to substitute buttermilk, I added about 1 tsp of vinegar to 1/3 cup of milk and let it stand for 10 minutes.

I'm not saying that it's ok not to use real butter for this one, but if you really want to have butter cake but don't have butter or unable to buy one, you can substitute this with margarine if you want. This is the first time I used margarine, I always use butter when one requires it but I think I will now buy margarine for emergency purposes only :)

Buko Pandan Salad

This is one of my family's favorite desserts ever! Whenever there's birthdays or special occassions this is one of the most requested in our home. Besides that it's so easy to make, it only has minimal ingredients and it is really delicious. If you're not a cheese person(I love cheese by the way!), you can substitute it with corn kernels or sago but the gulaman and the shredded coconut meat is really enough to enjoy this wonderful dessert. Anyway, below is our family's recipe for Buko Pandan Salad, hope you get to try it too!

Buko Pandan Salad

10 pcs shredded Buko (young coconut, drain well)
3 24grams of Mr. Gulaman Jelly Powder Mix(Buko Pandan Flavor)
2 big cans of Alaska Condensed Milk
2 packs of Nestle Cream
1 bar of Eden Cheese, cubed

1. Prepare the gulaman according to package instructions. Let it cool then slice with a knife according to desired size.
2. In a big bowl, combine the condensed milk and cream, add the shredded coconut meat and finally mix the gulaman.
3. Finally add the cubed cheese(optional) and chill it on the ref. We placed it on our freezer for awhile and it's so delicious to eat when it's so cold!

The Most Delicious Chocolate Cake!

Hands down, this is the best chocolate cake I ever baked! I promised myself that I will have a chocolate cake for my birthday so I was trying to find(for a month) a recipe I could use for my birthday. Then I found THIS RECIPE and at first I was intimidated coz it has 3 layers and I've never done a 3 layer cake before. But what the heck? It's my birthday and I'm gonna have a 3 layer cake just for myself!(well not entirely true coz I shared it with my family, haha).

I was surprised that it's very easy to make. I had all the ingredients, though I had only about 10 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate and I don't have an unsweetened cocoa. I just used the dutch processed cocoa that I have. Also, I omitted the salt coz all I have is a salted butter(it's so hard to find unsalted butter at SM!). Anyway, I still loved the taste, not too sweet and the chocolate cake itself was so moist! I didn't had an even layer on my cake coz I got lazy using my cake leveler :) Still no worries, coz all they rave was how delicious my cake was! My aunts even told me that I can sell this chocolate now and people will buy it, aaw so sweet!

The next time I'll do this, I will put some decorations on top, I was so tired from baking that I didn't put much effort on making it presentable, haha!
My Own Chocolate Cake!
Me with my daughter, who sung Happy Birthday to me!
Look at the uneven layers, haha!

My Birthday!

Last Sept.8(Sunday) I celebrated my 41st Birthday with my family(my mother, daughter, aunts, uncle, cousins, my sister and her family). I just had some food cooked by our ever dependable housekeeper and I baked my own birthday cake, a very delectable and so delicious chocolate cake(I have a separate post for this). We all had a good time! We had some singing, my aunt brought her DVD player with some karaoke music. So basically a celebration as simple as this is just enough for me, as long as I'm with my family and of course my daughter :)

That's Me!
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Pork Gizo
Buko Pandan
Chocolate Cake and Black Forest Roll

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