Puto Bars with Cheese

Hands down, this is the best puto that I made! You see, I love making puto and when I make one, I make it a point to try different recipes available on the net. But I used this recipe again coz I loved the outcome but I don't know what I did this time coz the puto became much softer and fluffier than the previous one. We all loved this that my family requested for me to make it one more time, ASAP!

Anyway the only ingredient that I replaced was the evaporated milk coz I used fresh milk. Besides that, I followed all the ingredients indicated on the recipe, and also I used 9x9 square aluminum pan for this :)

The cheese on top was supposed to be grated, but I had a hard time grating it coz it was so soft that I just decided to puts chunks of cheese on top. I don't mind though coz I love cheese!
a slice of puto bar
puto bars



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