The Most Delicious Chocolate Cake!

Hands down, this is the best chocolate cake I ever baked! I promised myself that I will have a chocolate cake for my birthday so I was trying to find(for a month) a recipe I could use for my birthday. Then I found THIS RECIPE and at first I was intimidated coz it has 3 layers and I've never done a 3 layer cake before. But what the heck? It's my birthday and I'm gonna have a 3 layer cake just for myself!(well not entirely true coz I shared it with my family, haha).

I was surprised that it's very easy to make. I had all the ingredients, though I had only about 10 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate and I don't have an unsweetened cocoa. I just used the dutch processed cocoa that I have. Also, I omitted the salt coz all I have is a salted butter(it's so hard to find unsalted butter at SM!). Anyway, I still loved the taste, not too sweet and the chocolate cake itself was so moist! I didn't had an even layer on my cake coz I got lazy using my cake leveler :) Still no worries, coz all they rave was how delicious my cake was! My aunts even told me that I can sell this chocolate now and people will buy it, aaw so sweet!

The next time I'll do this, I will put some decorations on top, I was so tired from baking that I didn't put much effort on making it presentable, haha!
My Own Chocolate Cake!
Me with my daughter, who sung Happy Birthday to me!
Look at the uneven layers, haha!



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