Banana Cake with Butter & Sour Milk

I missed making this, so for a change I tried using a different recipe, the one with butter and sour milk as one of the ingredients.

When my aunt from the States went home for a vacation, she told me that her recipe for a delicious banana bread or cake includes sour milk as one of the ingredients. I still haven't used that on my banana cake so I tried to find a recipe that has sour milk on one of the ingredients.The I found this- Banana Cake and thank goodness I found this recipe! The cake turned out to be so light and soft and delicious.

I made 2 loaf breads and 1 loaf, I gave it to my friend who texted me that he really loved it! It's so delicious daw :) Next time, I'll try using cake flour, I ran out of cake flour that's why I used all purpose flour. It was done in 45 minutes, crispy on the outside and light and moist on the inside... yummy!



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