Vanilla Milk Cake

Hi! Long time no post here :) Got so busy with a lot of things that I took baking for granted for over a month! Wow it was that long, I really missed baking so for just one day I baked twice to make up for those times that I got lazy baking.

Last month, I bought a heart shaped non-stick pan and I really wanted to use it(I cannot wait for Valentines Day to use it). So I thought this would be perfect for making Vanilla Milk Cake that I found on the net, it looked so easy and has minimal ingredients so I baked again last Friday and I'm glad I did this.

This is so delicious! I wish I doubled the recipe coz it was gone so quickly! Fortunately, I baked banana bread after that coz it would be so "bitin" for meryenda if I just did this :) By the way, my cake was done in 50 minutes! No need for frosting, coz the cake in itself is just enough :)



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