Christmas with my Family

Hi! So how did you spend your noche buena and Christmas? Of course who wouldn't spend it with their family right? Just like you Dec.24 was spent cooking and baking for our boche buena feast. For dessert, I decided to bake Banana Bread with Walnuts and Chocolate Cupcakes with Christmas Toppers(I bought a christmas tree and christmas socks edible toppers at Divi). While I bake, Nora was in charge of cooking spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, pata tim and biko. We also had buko salad for added dessert.

Come Chirstmas day, we watched a movie at ATC together with the kids. There's no Vice ganda movie there and Bimby and Rizza's movie was also jampacked, the next available screening was 9PM so we just watched Pagpag and the movie was actually good! There were a few scares and the people were actually screaming on most of the scary parts. We got home at around 7:30PM and the kids were happy they get to go out on christmas day :)



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