Meet My Newest Baby!

Yey! At last I was able to buy a bigger oven that is a gas range from La Germania! The model that I bought is FS531 30WR. This is the first time that I'm gonna use a gas oven so this would surely be a hit and miss for a couple of baking tries as I'm still gonna figure out the right temp and time in using this.

Well, I already used this the first time and I was able to bake oatmeal cookies. Had a hard time setting up the right temp, first time I tried putting the knob to 170'C but didn't get to 350'F so I put it on 182'C and spot on it went to 350. Then according to the recipe it would be done in 9 minutes but mine baked at 17 minutes! Preheating also took longer than my electric mini oven. If on the electric oven preheating was done in 8 minutes, this took 12 minutes. Anyway, I still look forward on baking using this and the next time I'm gonna try baking cupcakes and brownies. So why don't you meet my newest baby, my La Germania gas range!...



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