Adriel's 7th Birthday!

Had the pleasure of baking my nephew's 7th birthday cupcakes yesterday and I did 1 dozen vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. I bought ready made edible toppings which has a design of football and basketball. What I did that is different from before was the frosting. This one's more stabilized than the buttercream frosting that I used before. Eventhough I did not put it on the ref, the swirls held its shape and did not melt. If you want to try this frosting, click here for the recipe: High Humidity Icing Recipe 1

I also did Baked Mac with a different recipe this. I used a 9x13 non-stick pan and this has more cheese than the last Baked Mac that I did before.

We had a lot of good time on my nephew's birthday eventhough we didn't had a party just like the other kids that had 7th birthday. What's important is family time and that's what we had yeterday :)



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