Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For our breakfast yesterday, I did something different. We had sandwich that was rather unusual coz we always have fried rice, hotdogs and eggs or sometimes our leftover food from our dinner. Since I wanted to use my mother's griller that she bought from SM, I thought it was the perfect timing to use it so I made Grilled Cheese Sandwich for our breakfast.

This one's so easy and I will guarantee you that kids will love this! Try making this for your breakfast, a no sweat easy recipe that your family will surely love.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

1 loaf of Gardenia bread (or any bread/tasty of your choice)
slices of cheese (I bought American Cheese, or you could use quickmelt cheese)
slices of bacon

1. Put the pan on stove in medium heat till hot.
2. Add the butter then put the slices of bread. If it was a little brown already, put your cheese and bacon and cover the other bread with another slice.
3. Heat till the cheese begins to melt.
4. Repeat the procedure till you run out of cheese..haha!



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