M & M Cookies

Last Sunday, the kids made this M & M cookies and they had a really good time! Yes you heard it right, the kids(Hannah, Dana and Adriel) measured the ingredients, mixed and put the M & M's on top of the cookie dough, well of course with some assistance from me :) The kitchen ended up really messy but at least they enjoyed it so much and now they're always looking forward for our baking time together. There's still many leftovers, so yesterday they had brought some of the cookies at their school :)

This is so easy to make, just perfect for kids coz there's not so much ingredients and the preparation time is just minimal. If you wanna also make this, check this out here: Robbi's M&M Cookies Recipe

Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Love...love...love this! We have some Oreo cookies and cream cheese so it was the perfect time to bake this cookies and the kids wanted me to bake coz I haven't done so in a long time. I initially wanted to just bake choco chip cookies but then someone posted a very delicious looking Oreo Cheesecake cookies at Bake Happy Manila FB page, so I said I wanna try that too :)

I got the recipe from Browneyed baker, I always read her blog coz she have this very easy to follow baking recipes. You can try this too, just check this link: Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Yema Cake

I've been hearing about this Rodillas Yema Cake for sometime now and I must admit that I really got curious as to how it really taste. Unfortunately, I don't know where to buy here in Cavite so when someone shared a recipe at Bake Happy Manila FB group, I said I wanna try it and see if it really tastes good. And you know what? It really was! Though my syrup became a little runny, the overall taste was really delicious. It was sweet and the sponge cake was really soft. I wanna try this again and I'll try to find a different recipe next time :)

I am having a hard time finding the recipe at Bake Happy Manila FB page, so I'll try to ask for the recipe again then I'll just post it here :)

Red Velvet Crinkles

Tried this Red Velvet Crinkles for the kids and though we all loved it, I was a little disappointed with what the color turned out. you see I would have loved it more if it became very red but it really didn't showed the color red and I don't know why it became like that. apparently, I used a different type of food coloring and that is the powdered one. The recipe calls for red liquid food coloring, since I don't have that I used my Ferna powdered strawberry food coloring :(

Anyway, you may check the recipe here: Red Velvet Crinkles and try it yourself!

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