Classic Polvoron

I have so many posts to catch up  here coz I haven't updated my blog for sometime now. But it's just a few since I also become busy with work and family. Anyway, I'll start my post with sharing with you the Polvoron that I made twice, last July and just last month. I didn't know that it was so easy to make and I'm hoping next time I'll put pinipig coz it's one of my favorites. Below is the recipe, I already forgot where I got it but I hope you'll give it a try, I'm sure the kids would love this!

1 2/3 cups all-purpose flour, sifted
2/3 cup full cream powdered milk
1/2 cup refined sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/8 cup margarine
1 tsp. vanilla essence
Wax paper, for wrapping

Cooking Procedure:
Sift all-purpose flour and toast in frying pan over medium heat, stirring continuously with wooden spoon until light brown in color. Toast it for approximately 10 -15 minutes and fire off. Transfer toasted flour into sugar and milk powder mixture and mix well to blend thoroughly. Melt the butter and the margarine in a saucepan over medium heat. Add melted mixture into the dry ingredients and mix well for about 3 minutes. Then add vanilla essence and mix for 2 minutes more.

Transfer polvoron mixture into a plate or pan with a flat surface. Form mixture with your desired polvoron shapes by packing the mixture into the molder. Cool for at least 30 minutes or until firm then wrap polvoron with your desired wax paper.



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