Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Why I haven't discovered making Churros much earlier still remains a mystery to me. I heard about this before but haven't paid much attention until I watched an episode of Chef Logro's show at QTV where they're making Churros and I thought what an easy recipe and looks delicious too! If you know me, I'm not really into making something deep fried but I made this an exemption coz I really am curious as to how it tastes like. Then...

Looks easy?... Not! Maybe it's just me, but I really had a hard time piping the dough into the fryer. Then my piping bag kept on sliding from the tip coz when I piped, the piping bag came in close contact to the hot fryer making it slide from the tip. What I learned from this is definitely use a coupler with the tip! This will make it more easier to pipe. Next time when I make this, I will use a different recipe, not that it didn't taste good, actuall it's delicious! But I want a softer dough that will make it easier to pipe.

With regards to the choco dip, just heat 1cup of milk on double boiler  then when just hot, remove from heat then add 250 grams of dark chocolate.

Caramel Popcorn Cookies

I'm running out of ideas of what to bake for the kids, it's usually chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cupcakes but they really don't mind, it's just that I want to try something new and different but at the same time the kids will love it. I always frequent Bake Happy site coz of easy to make and one of a kind recipes, so one time I came across her post on Caramel Popcorn Cookies, hmm it's something different and looks yummy too and also looks easy to make.

Good thing is that on our company cafeteria there's an available caramel popcorn so I bought 2 packs of Oishi Caramel Popcorns for just under 50 pesos, no need to buy the more expensive ones. I just used the 2 packs which I think is less than the 3 cups caramel popcorn required but nonetheless still turned out great.

Before I made the cookies, I made a trip to this Australian surplus shop which sells different types of microwave ovens, skillets and other household appliances and found this cute owl cookie jar for only 350 pesos so I immediately bought it then used this jar for the caramel cookies that I made. Look how cute it is! Now I already have a cookie jar to put all the cookies I will bake from now on :)

Happy Birthday Dana!

My niece's 6th birthday last March 6 was spent on her preschool class and I was tasked to make her Hello Kitty Cupcakes(as usual, her favorite character). I bought edible toppers at Theart's Bacoor branch and I just made the easiest cupcakes which are chocolate cupcakes :) I'm glad the kids loved the cupcakes which are placed on individual holders for them to take home.Isn't it cute?

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