Cinnamon Rolls

These Cinnamon Rolls are so delicious and so easy to make! I’ve been trying to find a recipe that uses instant yeast instead of the usual active dry yeast that’s been incorporated together with the warm milk. I bought the instant yeast coz it’s the one that’s available at the supermarket. The yeast that I used is combined with the dry ingredients but if you use dry yeast, it is combined with the warm milk. So don’t mistake the instant yeast with the active dry yeast.

With regards to the glaze, I used a different recipe. I used the Glaze Recipe of Laura Vitale of Laura In The Kitchen. I love the combination of the cinnamon rolls and the glaze! I can’t stop eating these rolls! So soft, sweet and gooey. A definite must try recipe!

Homemade Mango Ice Candy

Summer here in the Philippines tends to be the worst season coz when it is hot, it is scourging  HOT! So there’s a lot of ways to lessen the heat people are experiencing, like go swimming, open their aircondition or go to the mall. The most economical and simplest way to cool down is to make ice candies. Ice candies have different flavors, banana, buko, melon, etc but the most popular is Mango Ice Candy. Good thing by making these, is your whole family can enjoy it with just less than 200 pesos. The kids also can help when you make these, so there’s family bonding without going out and spend by eating out on the mall right? Here’s our recipe for …

Mango Ice Candy
5-6 ripe mangoes, peeled
1 tall can of evap
¼ cup granulated sugar
2-3 cups of distilled water


1. Place peeled mangoes on food processor and blend well
2.Place well blended mangoes on deep bowl and add remaining ingredients. The sweetness will depend on you. You can add or decrease sugar according to you preferred taste.
3. Prepare ice candy plastic casing, funnel and ladle.
4. Put funnel inside the opening of ice candy plastic casing and pour with the use of the ladle ample amount of ice candy mixture.
5. Tightly secure with a knot, the top of ice candy casing.
6. Repeat procedure #4 and 5 till you’ve used up all the ice candy mixture.
7. Freeze overnight and enjoy it the next day  :)

Calamansi Muffins

I've been frequenting Bake Happy's blog to find easy recipes that I could make. Calamansi Muffins recipe caught my attention coz it was hacked from Real Coffee's famous Calamansi Muffins from Boracay. I haven't tasted it yet(never been to Boracay since almost 8 years ago) so I got curious and see how it may taste like.

Well I don't know if it supposed to taste like that, being too sour coz the kids didn't like it, hehe. I liked it and it tasted much better after a day when it is not too sour anymore.I used baking liner so the sides didn't get toasted :( but still liked it though.

Dana's Preschool Graduation

Dana, my niece, graduated from preschool last March 25 and my sister told me to make her a graduation cake. I am still not good on making cakes, I have to admit that but since I want to give my niece something for her graduation I thought that it's best to give her something I made.

So here it is, I know it looks terrible but what's important is I tried my best and she really liked it! It's just the usual chocolate cake with ganache frosting and I just bought edible toppers. I really don't like piping messages on cakes coz it's obvious that I don't have nice penmanship, hehe. Maybe with practice I might perfect it :)


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