Blueberry Coffee Cake

Make no mistake that this recipe has coffee in it. Actually it doesn't have, it's just that it's perfect to be paired with coffee thus the name of the recipe.

Anyway, I had leftover blueberries that I didn't know what to use for. But thank God I found this very easy recipe that requires blueberries.The recipe requires using a sprinform pan so at last I was able to use mine for the first time :) I also added cinnamon for the crumb topping, about 1 tsp of it. This is so easy that it doesn't require an electric mixer, just a wooden spoon to mix the batter but I have to warn you that it will get thick and hard to mix but it's all worth it once you see(and smell) the finished product. So yummy!
Adapted from Betty Crocker site: Blueberry Coffee Cake

Blueberry Muffins

At last, I was able to use the frozen blueberries I bought from SnR! I used about 1 cup of blueberries so I still have some left on the freezer. I am still thinking what to do about the remaining berries... hmm nope not blueberry cheesecake, not yet ready for that one :)

Anyway, I got the recipe from here, Frozen Bueberry Muffins Recipe. It has 9 ingredients but very easy to make. It says to use frozen blueberries but if you live here in the Philippines and it's summer,  you'll know that if you take out something out from the freezer frozen, it would take only a few minutes and it would soften so fast. That's what happened to my blueberries. So I just fold it real quick and placed it on the oven.

What I like about this recipe is that it's not too sweet. In fact when you first tasted it coming out from the oven still hot, it tasted  bland but after awhile you could already taste the sugar but really not that sweet. And the blueberries has enough sweetness and flavor, just perfect for the muffins!


Betty Crocker's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix

Didn't have much time to bake from scratch so I used this brownie mix from Betty Crocker. Wow! It really lived up to its name- really fudgy and so delicious! Betty Crocker's pre-mix cakes still didn't fail me. I really love their products!

I had some of these brownies given to my sister who was flying to Dubai coz she specifically said she want brownies. But I really didn't had much time coz of work and other things to do so I had about 2 of Betty Crocker brownie mix and it was so fast and easy to bake. Even the kids loved it!


Coffee Jelly

For coffee lovers out there, there’s another way of having coffee by making it as a dessert! Ever since I tasted it from a co-worker of mine who made this dessert, Coffee Jelly has been one of my favorite desserts coz the combination of the coffee flavored jelly and the cream is just so tasty! Since it’s the summer season, you can make this without sweat as the ingredients are just few and the instruction’s so easy! Don’t forget to chill it on the ref first so the jelly would blend well with the cream! I swear the cream tasted so much like a melted coffee crumble ice cream… so yummy!

Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Filling

I don't know what to make use of the left over cream cheese that I had so searched the internet for the easiest recipe that I could find. Thankfully, I found this recipe, Cream Cheese Filled Banana Bread that had bananas on it and we also had some bananas sitting on our pantry. I thought it would be perfect to combine bananas and cream cheese and the pics also looks so yummy!

I only had about ¼ of cream cheese so I was able to make only 1 loaf L This banana bread recipe is so moist and so delicious! You could also make this without the cream cheese and it would still taste so good!


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