Blueberry Coffee Cake

Make no mistake that this recipe has coffee in it. Actually it doesn't have, it's just that it's perfect to be paired with coffee thus the name of the recipe.

Anyway, I had leftover blueberries that I didn't know what to use for. But thank God I found this very easy recipe that requires blueberries.The recipe requires using a sprinform pan so at last I was able to use mine for the first time :) I also added cinnamon for the crumb topping, about 1 tsp of it. This is so easy that it doesn't require an electric mixer, just a wooden spoon to mix the batter but I have to warn you that it will get thick and hard to mix but it's all worth it once you see(and smell) the finished product. So yummy!
Adapted from Betty Crocker site: Blueberry Coffee Cake



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