Gumpaste Sugar Flowers

So I attended a workshop about making Gumpaste Sugar Flowers last week and I really enjoyed the workshop! I think with enough patience and perseverance, you could easily master the craft of making gumpaste sugar flowers. Besides having passion on making these, be prepared to have the tools, molders, cutters, etc that you should have. I thought the tools that I'm going to use will be the same with making fondant, but I was wrong. There are tools that's specifically for making gumpaste and honestly I still don't have most of them yet. Some are quite expensive but you have to be creative coz you could definitely improvise like when you have to dry up the flowers, you could actually use apple or egg tray or spoon. With regards to the molders and cutters, I would definitely save up for those coz you would really need those on making gumpaste sugar flowers.

Anyway, below are some of my creations when I attended the worshop. I made, buds, leaves, lilacs, peony, anemone and rose flowers. I think I'm not too bad for a first timer right? :)



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