Hannah's Oatmeal Cookies

Hannah surprised me when one Sunday afternoon, she asked me if she could bake oatmeal cookies on her own. And she wants me to make a video of her while she's making cookies! Well, Hannah's quite fond of watching youtube with videos of kids doing different stuff like baking, reviewing toys or games, puting make-up so she wants to join the bandwagon haha! I already shared the video on my fb page so what I'm gonna share with you is the recipe we used for her Oatmeal Cookies which is The Pioneer Woman's Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies. This is an easy recipe which I'm sure your kid/s could make.

Except for scooping the cookie dough and putting and removing the pan on the oven, she was the one who practically prepared the cookies. I really wish this would not be the last time she shows interest in baking.I want her to be exposed more about baking at an early age that's why sometimes I let her help me though it could be sometimes messy and slowed me down a bit :)

Here's her pic of her baked Oatmeal Cookies... She's cute isn't she? :)



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