Batman Fondant Cake

Made this cake for my co-worker's son's birthday. Just a simple cake with a Batman design. The boy really liked Batman so she said to make him something from Batman. I was just disappointed with the blue color coz I didn't achieved the bright royal blue that I planned.

Special Ensaymada

I'd like to share with you again another recipe from Marie Tayag of Bake Happy Manila, "Special Ensaymada". What I like about this recipe is the outcome of the bread because it's very soft and light. It's also very tasty. You must really be patient when making this because as you all know, baking something with yeast requires patience and time :)

I gave these ensaymadas to my friends and they all liked it! They say I must sell it to them but maybe this coming December I will :)

Recipe to follow... :)

Cheese Bars

Another recipe that I got from Bake Happy Manila courtesy of Yshie's Sweets. I love the subtle taste of the cheese coz it's not overpowering and just right and not too sweet. I don't know why they say that it's too sweet coz there's 2 cups of sugar here. I think it's just right but hey if you wanna lessen the sugar then do so.

Lengua De Gato

These thin cookies are really to die for cookies! It's main ingredient is butter so don't settle for "pretending to be butter" ingredient or else you won't get an authentic Lengua De Gato taste that you want.

When I was baking yema cake for orders, I always had extra egg whites that I don't know where to use at. Yeah, I heard about lengua de gato but I guess I really didn't paid much attention to it coz I thought it's hard to make. Boy, I was wrong! In fact, it is so easy to make.

I got this recipe from Bake Happy Manila FB page courtesy of Ms. Marie Tayag. If you have time, try this recipe too, you won't regret it :)

My Sister's Birthday Celebration

My eldest sister celebrated her birthday by spending it together with the whole family at a private resort in Pansol, Laguna. I planned on baking a fondant cake for her, but she said she really wanted to taste my yema cake so since it's her birthday and yema cake is much easier to make than a fondant cake, I gladly baked it a day before we went in Laguna.

All of our family and friends loved my yema cake :) They said it is not too sweet and the chiffon cake was so soft and light. There's even a minor boo boo because we forgot to bring our cheese grater that's why the cheese toppings are so big! Anyway, the birthday celebrant requested if I will bake it again for her to take in the US! Of course I said yes :) I think the cake is not even enough for all of us since we just had one slice each...haha

Hannah's 8th Birthday

At last I was able to make my very own doll cake for my daughter Hannah. Since I don't have a doll molding pan to use for my cake, I bought a doll pan for 450 pesos. I think it's expensive but since I don't have a talent for shaping a cake to make it into a skirt and I still plan on making doll cakes in the future, hopefully for orders next time, I think it's a good deal :)

Anyway, I hope the doll pan is much taller coz I still added a layer of cake at the bottom. But overall I think I did good, well not perfect but my daughter loved it so I'm happy. By the way, I bought another doll for the doll cake coz the doll included on the doll pan I bought was ugly..haha :)

Homemade Glazed Donuts

Ok so this post is another long overdue post that I planned on publishing few months ago. I am just so busy with everyday life that I can't even visit my own blog anymore nor answer pending comments with queries...sorry :( Whenever I use the internet, use recipes when baking, I just use my phone coz I am so lazy to even open my laptop.

So I promise myself to publish my pending posts one at  time. So one of these is this recipe.

I really love Krispy Kreme donuts...a lot! Whenever I'm at the mall, I always stop by at Krispy Kreme to buy their Glazed Donuts. I promise myself to make ala Krispy Kreme donuts at home. It turned out it wasn't even half as close...haha! I don't really have high expectations, I am just craving for donuts and I don't wanna go out to buy(lazy me). Anyway, these donuts are fried and done in about an hour or so depending on how many donuts you made. Turned out the donuts are soft and delicious!
I adapted the recipe here: Homemade Glazed Donuts

Shakoy (Twisted Donuts) Recipe

Shakoy or another term for it is Bicho Bicho, is a delicious merienda for Filipinos since I can't remember when. Ever since I was little, I remember my mom buying these from our neighbor and in just a short period of time, it's gone just like that!

I was trying to find an easy recipe for me to follow. I haven't always use my yeast so I thought it's perfect to use it for this recipe. Then I found The Sweet Cuisinera and her recipe was really easy to follow. You can click her blog site to take you to her recipe.

Love love love this for merienda! I love to dip it in sugar then straight to my mouth. Best of all, it's really easy to make :)


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