Homemade Glazed Donuts

Ok so this post is another long overdue post that I planned on publishing few months ago. I am just so busy with everyday life that I can't even visit my own blog anymore nor answer pending comments with queries...sorry :( Whenever I use the internet, use recipes when baking, I just use my phone coz I am so lazy to even open my laptop.

So I promise myself to publish my pending posts one at  time. So one of these is this recipe.

I really love Krispy Kreme donuts...a lot! Whenever I'm at the mall, I always stop by at Krispy Kreme to buy their Glazed Donuts. I promise myself to make ala Krispy Kreme donuts at home. It turned out it wasn't even half as close...haha! I don't really have high expectations, I am just craving for donuts and I don't wanna go out to buy(lazy me). Anyway, these donuts are fried and done in about an hour or so depending on how many donuts you made. Turned out the donuts are soft and delicious!
I adapted the recipe here: Homemade Glazed Donuts



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