My Sister's Birthday Celebration

My eldest sister celebrated her birthday by spending it together with the whole family at a private resort in Pansol, Laguna. I planned on baking a fondant cake for her, but she said she really wanted to taste my yema cake so since it's her birthday and yema cake is much easier to make than a fondant cake, I gladly baked it a day before we went in Laguna.

All of our family and friends loved my yema cake :) They said it is not too sweet and the chiffon cake was so soft and light. There's even a minor boo boo because we forgot to bring our cheese grater that's why the cheese toppings are so big! Anyway, the birthday celebrant requested if I will bake it again for her to take in the US! Of course I said yes :) I think the cake is not even enough for all of us since we just had one slice each...haha



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