Brazo De Mercedes

Yey at last I was able to make this again after a long, long, loong time! I was really intimidated to make this because the first time I tried this, it was a disaster! Basically it's the meringue that would make this a success or a disaster. The filling's just easy to make so you have to pay extra attention on making the meringue coz just like I said, if you did not follow the recipe, chances are the meringue will not bake properly.

I cannot remember if the baked meringue is supposed to be so sticky, coz I really had a hard time rolling it and peeling it off on the parchment paper. But aside from that, I really like this recipe. Just don't forget to add vanilla on the meringue(just what I forgot to do coz it would taste eggy just like mine). And maybe next time I do it again, I will lessen the condensed milk coz it's really sweet for my taste.

Try this if you have a sweet tooth, I'm just warning you to not overeat this coz it has too much calories :)

Adapted the recipe here: Brazo De Mercedes



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