Gingerbread House Decorating

I was thinking of a fun activity for the kids for the Holidays so I thought why not decorate Gingerbread House! But instead of Gingerbread, we will use Graham Crackers for less effort hehe. I found this easy to follow instruction on how to assemble the house here - How to Make Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses. This site also has a recipe for the royal icing that will glue the house as well as glue the decorative ornaments the kids will use. I only halved the recipe and it was enough(actually there was more left) for the 3 kids plus me :)

You can buy the decorations like the M&M's(we didn't actually didn't used M&M's) but I bought that looks like one at Chocolate Lovers(much cheaper of course). You can also use jelly beans, gummy bears, candy sprinkles, etc. I bought mine at Chocolate Lover and SM Supermarket. Let your kids be creative and let them decide what decorations they would want. I just sometimes helped them glue coz they had a hard time using the piping bag :) Hope you can also do this with your kids. It's a fun activity as well as bonding time for your family!



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