Simple Wedding Cake

I had a co-worker who got married about 2 weeks ago and another co-worker of mine who also bakes asked me if I would like to bake a wedding cake with her so that the cake will be our wedding gift to the newlyweds. I said sure why not! So one Sunday, I went to her house so we could bake the cake.

The cake was a Chocolate Cake with Cookies and Cream Frosting. We initially had a problem with the frosting coz it didn't set. She used ganache but the white choco chips + all purpose cream didn't set. I didn't know what happened but we decided to add Oreo cookies so that the cookies will add volume. We refrigerated it for awhile then thank goodness it finally set!

Since it is just a simple wedding, we just decorated the cake with a simple flower and a Mr. & Mrs. topper. I wish I could have than more but we don't have any more time(and I really am not feeling well at that time) . When I saw the groom after the wedding, he thanked me for the cake and said that they loved it! :)



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