About Me

If you happen to read my ABOUT THIS BLOG, it was just a portion of what I wanted to tell you about me and what I love to do which is baking! Anyway I wanted to share with you more about myself, what my likes and what typically interests me not just about baking but other stuff as well.

I am almost 43 years old. My birthday is Sept.8, so if you wanna send me a gift just let me know and I’m gonna tell you my address..lol! J I only have 1 child, a daughter which I so love and adore very much! I am a solo parent having been separated for years now. I am happy the way things are right now, being with my family, baking and cooking for them.

Aside from baking, I love playing badminton and tennis! It removes all the stress I feel when I have so much work to do. Besides it’s good for my health. I also love watching tv and movies. My favorite tv show is “The Walking Dead”, and I watched every single episode since Season 1! That’s how addicted I am to that show J. Before TWD, the only tv show I finished from Season 1 till the last season is “Friends”.

I love cupcakes! If I ever see a bakeshop that has cupcakes, I will definitely go there and try their cupcakes. As of the moment, my favorite cupcake is the one at Vanilla Cupcake Bakeshop which is their Coffee Walnut Salted Caramel cupcake. I just loved it a lot! I wish I could hack their recipe and copy it..haha!

My favorite cook(or chef, I don’t know if they are) are Ina Garten and Donna Hay. I love Ina’s kitchen tools and Donna’s kitchen and ref J plus just looking at the dishes they do seems like it was so delicious! I also like Laura Vitale of Laura In The Kitchen, she’s so bubbly and so beautiful and she has easy to follow recipes on her you tube channel. Please check her out!

Well that’s for now. I will add pictures later, I still have to find a decent pic of me, haha! Take care you all and thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Hugs and kisses!



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