Baking 101

So you’re a novice baker with absolutely ZERO experience on how to bake. You didn’t even know how to light a fire on a gas oven or even set the temperature required. You don’t know what pan to use or is afraid to fail the very first baked project you will make. Trust me, I felt that way the first time I tried baking! When I was in school learning how to bake, I was confident because I have fellow students who helped me as well as our instructor who guided us on what to do, from the measurements to the right technique on how to knead a dough, to baking time, etc.


But when you’re in your own kitchen, trying to apply all the things the school taught you, well it is very different! For one, you don’t have any teacher/instructor to correct you, you only have google, you tube or a few blogs to help you in case your finished product didn’t quite turned out the way it was supposed to be. But what I learned from all the time I spent baking is that you should not be afraid to fail even if you don’t have any experience in baking at all. The very first cupcake I made was a disaster! Baking pan wasn’t the right size, the batter I placed on the baking cups were not enough, piping tip was too small, overbaked! I was so frustrated! But then my family, eventhough they knew I wasn’t happy with the result, praised me and told me that it was delicious! So my confidence built up and I tried making cupcakes again and again till I perfected it! Just remember that if the first time was a fail or disaster, don’t lose hope and try another recipe. Don’t forget to read the feedbacks of the other people who tried it to see if it was really indeed a fail proof recipe. That’s why I always look for recipes at because there are reviews from others who baked that particular recipe and they also share the modifications they did. At least you know that somebody else tried it and it was successful.


What matters most is you should have the HEART to bake. You should love what you do, must not give up when the going gets tough. Don’t afraid to ask if something confuses you. I always leave a comment on food/baking blogs when a recipe interests me and I also want to do it.  Most of the time the blog owner will respond to your queries.


So are you ready to start your journey into the wonderful world of baking?  Under Baking 101 Section, I will discuss with you briefly the things you need to start, the tools and equipment and ingredients you must have in your kitchen. In the span of 3 years, I amassed a number of baking tools, some I bought and some given to me by my aunt and siblings. If you really want to save I suggest you buy at Divisoria or Quiapo but if you don’t mind spending some cash on quality products then go to Landmark, SM or Chocolate Lover. They have nice baking tools there. For ingredients, I just buy near our place. There’s a baking supplies store near us. So scout your place for a baking supplies store so you don’t have to go to a supermarket which is more expensive.


I hope I’ll be able to help in starting you up in baking. Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you have any questions.


Thank you and God bless…



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