Baking Tools and Equipments

Below are some of the baking tools I bought and collected thru the years of baking. Since you're just starting, you may just buy the items that you need the most like spatula, mixing bowls and measuring cups and spoons. You will definitely need these in order for you to practice but you don't need to buy all at once! If you don't have a budget for a heavy duty mixer then just buy a hand mixer or you can just use a spatula, wooden spoon or wire whisk for the meantime. Just be prepared for a workout haha!. Just buy that's according to your budget. I myself started with just a handful of items that I needed, like a spatula, few baking pans and mixing bowls. By the way, I didn't include the oven on the list coz it's understood that you've got to have one coz how can you bake if you don't own one right? Yes you can use a turbo broiler but it's still different if you have an oven(or you can buy a mini oven too, this is much cheaper). Ok so here it is...

1. Spatula, Wire Whisk, Pastry Brush, Dough Cutter
2. Baking Pans (Aluminum or Non Stick)

3. Oven Thermometer and Candy Thermometer

4. Measuring Cups, Spoons and Ice Cream Scoop. The beaters are included on the mixer.(A cookie press is not necessary, I just included it on the picture)

5. Mixing Bowl (Stainless Steel and Glass)
6. Strainer/Sieve

7. Hand or Stand Mixer

8. Weighing Scale (Analog or Digital)
9. Baking Cups and Molders (puto, ensaymada and tart molders)
10. Cling Wrap, Aluminum Foil and Parchment/Baking Paper

11. Rolling pin, piping tips, pastry mat and cake tester



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